Miranda Grey

Lead Photographer / Editor/ Communicator

First off I appreciate you taking the time to learn about me! My beautiful family is everything to me. My loving husband, our 3 year old son, & ( my ) cat Oliver. The perfect, the messy, and the sleepless. With out family what do we have in life? This statement is one of the biggest emotions that I carry through out your wedding day. Understanding it’s about you and your fiancé, but also the loved ones that surround you. The memories you are making for them and your future family to come. Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for family and friends we’d all elope to a Castle in Europe ( PLEASE fit me in your suitcase ). 

You will catch me tearing up, trust me. Keep a look out as I hide behind the camera when I see the Groom and his mother dance. I’ll be there one day and it gets me every time! I love to connect with people and feel like family. Especially if you like whiskey, fashion, and plants as much as I do. Instagram is my life, so let’s keep up with each other! I love all things modern and unique! I’m not a trend, and neither are you.   

Hi I’m Marcoz and yes there is whiskey in my glass.

Lead Photographer / Videographer

As much as getting a picture taken of yourself is the hardest thing in the world, I think writing a bio is harder. I got into photography many years ago and not once I thought it would become more than a hobby. I met Miranda while I was pursing a career in fashion photography, after falling in love with her I knew wedding photography was something I can accomplish. Miranda and I have a different creative eye for photography. She enjoys what she calls the “regal” look, while I love candid, photo-journalistic moments. I can’t emphasize how good Miranda is at posing our couples. She has taught me well!

So about me. Im very easy going. Dry humor sometimes, sarcastic personality. I love talking and meeting new people. I feel like on wedding day one of my goals is to just make you guys laugh and feel awkward. Those two things make great images. I also like to feel like one of the guys. Trust me fellas, I understand how uncomfortable it is to get your picture taken. I promise you hand me a beer and everything will be just fine. Comfortability is important to me. I want to be professional as possible at the same time feel like family. Grandmas fall in love with me.

Other than photography I enjoy being a father, husband, food, golf, soccer, cigars, traveling, whiskey, a good bbq.