Miranda grey //

Formerly known as Marcoz and Miranda

My beautiful family is everything to me. My husband, our son, ( my ) cat. The whole shebang. The perfect, the messy, and the sleepless. With out family what do we have in life? This statement is one of the biggest emotions that I carry through out your wedding day. Understanding it’s not just about you and your fiancé, but the loved ones that surround you. The memories you are making for them. Let’s face it if it wasn’t for family and friends we’d all elope to a Castle in Europe ( PLEASE fit me in your suitcase )

I love to connect with people. Real down to earth and conversational people. Especially if you like Cabernet as much as I do. Instagram is my life, I love social media and what it can do for businesses and allow people to connect miles away. I love supporting my husband Marcoz in his adventure to become the next big fashion Photographer ( we have a deep love for the fashion industry ) Which is why we have transitioned into Miranda Grey Weddings.  

Rather than having a typical cheesy pic, we made it extra cheesy by adding pizza & whiskey.

You have to understand a little about who we are to consider if we’re a good addition to your wedding day. It’s not as simple as we have great pricing and great work… It goes deeper on an emotional level. We want you to relive those moments captured and have a happy memory of everyone around you. Include your photographers in that memory. Us as a team, we are there next to your hip the entire day and process from here on out. Marcoz and Miranda see the RAW emotions you and all of your guest experience.

Let’s connect by telling a funny story of how we met on Instagram years ago. Before hashtags were a serious thing. Miranda fell in love with Marcoz and wanted to learn photography so she could spend more time with him (secretly Marcoz was too nervous to make the first move). Marcoz was slightly getting into wedding photography but couldn’t see the true love behind the moments. When Miranda came into his life, he fell in love and finally had an understanding of what real moments were. Eventually turning our friendship into love, marriage, parenthood, and since the beginning a business.

Now we wouldn’t have life any other way. We have a passion for creativity and living life to our fullest. We believe in hard work and also a fun time. Marcoz is the super cool he knows everybody guy ( Miranda gets jelly over how cool he really is ) loves cigars and a nice glass of whiskey on the rocks, hence our picture above. Occasionally he likes to play golf, ride his bike, play some pool or darts. Miranda loves to nap with our little one while dreaming of designing wedding gowns and binge on painting abstract with a glass of cabernet. Miranda is the kind of girl who will go a mile just to take a cool instagram pic and has her daily dose of coffee in the morning. Together we enjoy challenging each others creativity and pushing for inspiration. In the end of the day we love spending time with our family, taking random photos around town and being the parents that get tired after 10 p.m.

All that being said we love what we do. What we love more is being more than just photographers on your wedding day. We want to accomplish that feeling of friendship and family. We’re the photographers that try to make mom or grandma have a good laugh when they are too nervous to even speak. We’re the photographers that make the groom feel relax (by taking a shot) when they can’t even eat anything because of how nervous they are! So by the end of the night our ultimate goal would be that our bride and groom ride away at the end of the night knowing their wedding was complete and nothing was missed.

This is the Marcoz & Miranda experience!