Now that you know a little about us, we want to know a lot about you!

We work very hard on constantly updating our website to show case Miranda Grey Weddings in the best way. Booking a photographer may be a lengthy process so please remember it can be for us also. Miranda Grey Weddings Books an average of 55-60 weddings a year. Emails, meetings, and phone calls are very serious to us (Miranda puts her heart into every conversation). Booking couples all year long means we have countless hours spent with meetings and talking with people and their vendors, completely worth every minute! How ever we know every couple we come across won’t book with us ( that’s ok! ). This is why it is so important for us to be on the same page about inquiring. If you plan to inquire/meet with us, let’s be honest that means you love our work and that we are pretty much the photographer on your list. If you are still looking around (which is understandable) just simply tell us how interested you are:) We can’t wait to hear from you! – Marcoz & Miranda

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