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THE GOAL is simple. We're here to connect over things that make us human and feel inspired by why you  Fell IN LOVE

THE GOAL is simple. We're here to connect over things that make us human and feel inspired by why you Fell IN LOVE

Hello there.
I'm Miranda Grey.

Lead Photographer, Editor, Communicator

In the winter of 1992, a 6 month old baby and her mother was met by a man who took her in as his own. Raised her with love, kindness, and knowledge of the world. Gave her siblings that feel like home. That man is my father today and my hero. Living a life of not being able to afford an adoption, living a life of having a different name not by choice than my family, brought me to be who I am now. Miranda Grey. As soon as I became an adult I socially took on my father's name as tribute the loving and warm life he so selflessly gave me. 

Keeping the idea of family so close to my heart and the soul of who I am and desire to be. I care about a lot of things, and the biggest of all is people. Where they come from, what makes them who they are. The family or friends they love. In all the world the memories we create are what we hold in our hearts and the history that is left behind.

Preserving your memories that you have and will hold in your heart is my life's career. Over 8 years I am thankful to help others feel for their life time to come. Preserving a feeling of family and love just like mine gave me. 
We are all worthy of that love.


My son is everything to me
I collect books from the 1800's
I dream of Alley Ways IN Paris
I love little corners of light
Anything pastel color
i am a sucker for a sailboat
a Martini Please *Dirty
I take my Skincare routine serious
I began as a videographer

The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.

- gerard louise




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